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September 4, 2012

the days in high school 2

i just blink-ed my eyes
wa... 2months passed
here it comes the end of my teaching life
sad? a little bit
miss? yea, i'll miss them a lot... =)

a class that surrounded by smart and clever "children"
too many small little cute boys and girls
it's my pleasure to teach u guys coz
it's easy to teach as u guys are clever   lol
and u guys are very very 乖  

a class that surrounded sound pollution  lol 
a little bit noisy 
but u guys are nice
like what u guys said
im ur friend,
yes, im ur friend  
that's why im so concerning on u guys
all the best for u guys

a class full of sound 
chit-chat's sound
but i think we are close, rite?
joking around with u guys
chit-chatting with u guys
it's an unforgettable memory for me
especially the "nipple" matter
u guys like to attack my nipple =.= lol
but there are lotsa "人情味" in ur class
and i can see that u guys are helping each other too
keep it up! 

a class that can cheer up my day
u guys know to make me smile like a "siao lang" 
especially the chocolate milk  lol
i wont forget the 3maples
and some others funny character
funny la hahahah

and i didnt forgot u guys too, J3F 
a class full with happiness and laughter 
every time when i enter
for sure i'll come out with a smiling face hahaha
the questions asked by the guys are so so so funny
and the moment when im teaching u guys are happy

but im being bullied by my fellow students
yea, im being bullied
why? coz im a kind-hearted teacher ma
im so nice so gud so joking-able
sure bullied by the students ma  lol 

there are students asking me
why im so confident all the time?
well, without confident, how u gonna to reach ur goal?
so, remember to be a confident guy all the time

im so unwillingly to leave u guys
i think i gonna miss everyone of u very much hahaha

here's the photos that i took with the J2K students

for J2K, thanks for the surprise u guys gave
it's surprising me hahahaa
but the photo at the back there really looks like a " che tou zhao" lol

i think i really gonna to miss u guys soooooooo much
all the best for u guys!